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We love the ORIGINAL Dukes!!
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Nicole Lewis
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United States
My deviantArt # is 12,471,970...what's yours??

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Hi! My name's Nicole, I'm 20 years old, and I'll be a junior at NNU!! :D
I love to read, draw, write, listen to music, and stuff like that. I read action/adventure/mystery books and I listen to country and christian/christian rock.
I have a mom, 2 older sisters: Amber (24) and Mikaela (23), and two dogs....I'm an aunt to two beautiful nieces, Alexa Lynn (4) and Olivia Dawn (2)!! I also have my dad and my step-mom, 3 step-sisters: Sabrina, Samantha, and Sydney and 3 step-nieces: Emily Jean (8), Ashlyn Bree (2) and Autumn Sierra (1); finally I have 1 "nephew" (a close family friend's son): Connor Douglas (1)
I grew up at Fairview Church of the Nazarene, but now I go to Bethel Church of the Nazarene.
My friends are: Paulina (BFF), Hayleigh, Aly, Kristen, Megan, Kayleigh, Gina, Ryan S, Jennifer (other BFF/roommate), Halie, Quentin, Jaron, Erin, Rachel, Ryan M, AJ, Natalee, Jesse, Carlie, Kayla D, Kayla S, Danielle, Amanda, Christina, Audra, Alaina, Carlyn, and Tawni!

Current Residence: Idaho, USA
Favourite genre of music: country and christian/christian rock
Favourite photographer: my friends!!
Favourite style of art: drawings, photoshop, special effects, grahpic designing
MP3 player of choice: iPod or classic CD player
Wallpaper of choice: Skillet, JB, Nick Jonas, Mark Schultz. etc
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo, Bubbles
Personal Quote: "Let's all be different the same"; others
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: nothing, but I have a song stuck in my head...
  • Reading: "The Dukes of Hazzard: Unofficial Companion"
  • Drinking: water

I was tagged by :iconmusic-is-life20:


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2. You must write 10 facts about yourself
3. Answer 10 questions, left for you and do your own 10 questions for those you want to tag
4. Choose 10 deviants to tag and left there icons in this journal
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6. Nothing like: "you read- you tagged"
7. You must legally hold 10 persons
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1. I love music

2. My favorite show is "Supernatural" ;)

3. I am currently a sophomore in my 2nd semester (4th total) in's only been like 2 weeks into the semester, and so far it's not too bad :)

4. I live on campus, even though my mom's house is like 2 minutes away...haha. Deciding to live in the dorms is probably the best decision I made because there was no way I could live at home while going to school (plus I have no car, no quiet place to study, no place to do homework, etc). Plus I LOVE the dorm life, my roommate, and my wing-mates!! 

5. I am a criminal justice major and I hope to one day be a police officer :)

6. My roommate is a Biblical studies major, and we're somewhat complete opposites, but she's one of my best friends!

7. I have my wedding colors all planned out. It'll be yellow and lavender...I'll have a yellow belt on my dress, the groom will be wearing lavender, my bridesmaids/maids of honor (since I'll have two) will be in lavender, and the men will be in yellow, so we're all opposites! lol

8. I also have kid names picked out...I have like 4 girl names and 1 boy name!

9. I really want twins (my grandma is a twin and nobody has had twins yet)!! At first, I really wanted two girls (which I still kind of do just so I can dress them alike, lol ;), but now I want a boy and a girl so I can name them after my grandparents! They'll be James/Jared/Jason (I can't choose) Arvid and Lorelei Pearl...Arvid and Pearl are my grandparents, if you didn't get that! :)

10. I'm the baby of 3 girls; my parents are divorced; I have a "brother-in-law" (my sister's boyfriend, but whatever); 2 nieces who are almost 4 and 2 who I love; a step-mom who is pretty awesome; 3 step-sisters; 2 step-brothers-in-law; and 3 step-nieces who are 7, 1, and 6 months and who are also really adorable!

Music-is-life20's Questions

1. What car did you learn how to drive in, if you can drive?

    Unfortunately, even though I'm 20, I don't drive or have my license...I know pathetic...but the car I first drove in was my mom's small white car that she no longer has (I don't know the different types of cars to save my life, so I don't know what car it was...)

2. What's the worse movie you've ever seen?

    Well, the one that first came into my head would probably be "Magic Mike"...yes, I went and saw that (with my mom and sister too) and the dudes looked good with no shirt on, but really...there was pretty much no plot to it. Besides Mike trying to get out of the dancing life or whatever it is he does and trying to start a business, I didn't think it was a very good plot or movie for that matter...

3. Do you watch award shows? Or do you find them boring?

    Not really...if something happened or whatever I usually hear/see about it online and then I just look it up on YouTube or something! lol The only ones I really watch would be the country music ones ;)

4. What's one thing about yourself that you wish to improve?

I don't know...there's a few things...

5. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

My mom, dad, not really. All 3 of us don't really have a good relationship with him...I think the only reason why my older sister and I go over and have game nights is because of our step-family

6. Do you enjoy snow? What's the most your city has ever gotten?

Yes, just not the cold or the ice...I don't even know. Usually when we get snow, it's gone by the end of the day or the next day, but this winter we had snow pretty much for all of December and then last winter we got TONS of snow in wasn't very fun walking in all of that going to

7. What's your favorite holiday?

Halloween!! The decorations, costumes, fav is "Hocus Pocus"!! :D

8. If you have siblings, how well do you get along?

I have 2 older sisters, and we don't really get along that well...I really wish that we did and that I could call them my best friends and we could enjoy hanging out with each other, but we're all stubborn, we all like to say the last word, we all like to say things that make the other person mad...granted, we do get along sometimes and we can have fun, but we do fight a lot. I just think that they'll always think of me as their annoying little sister no matter how old I am or what I do...that's pretty much the main reason why I wanted to live on campus too, to get away from all of that...

9. Do you enjoy family gatherings?

Yes. Even if my sisters and I don't really get along, I do still like it when my mom makes plans for us to do something or go somewhere, mostly so I can see her and my nieces! :XD: I also like it when my whole family gets this weekend, all of my mom's siblings will be done to celebrate my grandpa's birthday a little bit early and my grandma's side of the family will be having a reunion in the summer, and I can't wait!

10. What's your favorite social networking site?

probably Facebook or YouTube :)

I'm gonna break the rules and say: "I don't do tags" and how about, "you read, you're tagged"!! lol ;)

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